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nu soul music entertainment: Bio

C.E.Cooper / Nu Soul Company

Born August 10, 1960 of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin L. Cooper Sr., international performing artist, C.Ed-E Cooper has been administering music to people for three decades. Growing up in the mountain state of West Virginia, Mr. Cooper has migrated to the sun and shade of Florida. Committed to his art, still every man deserves a good woman and family alongside, that are his wife, Siobhan, son, David, and daughter Kaitlin.
While attending college, Ed-E had to have his music along with his studies. During the ages of 13 years until 20 years of age, Ed-E was absorbing music pop, soul, and jazz being exposed at the local college, West Virginia State College, where artists would perform. Concerts and disc jockeys would seen from New York to Florida with influences from neighboring states. Unbeknownst to him his music education was being administered through these years. After some soul searching he had begot a career in the entertainment industry. At 23 years of age, I realized and committed to the business of music entertainment.

1981 - 1986, Ed- E was picked up by a touring group, Julie Grant and Crystal Vision. These people would take him from Maine to Miami,“ Key West, Florida, Green Bay, Wisconsin to St. Louis, Missouri and many states between for the next 5 years, with a long stay or two or three in the island of Aruba every year.

1986 - 1989, Ed- E was jousting with a couple of groups, doing a particular learning stint with Flamingo lead vocalist, Terry Johnson from June 1988 until fall of 1989.
Ed-E was performing in the Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City as well as the maiden voyage of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Sovereign of the Seas Cruise Ship.

1989 - 1994, Ed- E transplanted to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 1st stop, Mr. Laff's. Soon he would endure the solo performance aspect of his music, doing a stint at The Cove Restaurant, Deerfield Beach, Florida from 90 until 93.

1994 to 1995, Ed E was recruited by Oswald and Roberta Caines and reggae band, Democracy, until fall 1995.

Fall 1995, Nu Soul Company, Incorporated, a live music performance group is created. This entertainment group will rise to the occasion, be it birthday to wedding or any and all corporate events. Stops along the way include Selena's in Hyde Park, Jacksons', and Le Bordeaux in Tampa, Florida.
Nu Soul would win band competitions obtaining opening performances before the likes of Roberta Flack, Oleta Adams, and Peter White to name a few at spots Smooth Jazz and Clearwater Jazz genres. You would see Nu Soul at various ˜Taste of Pinellas, Taste of Passa Grille, Taste of Tampa concerts. Social groups, fraternities and sororities have taken advantage of this Nu Soul phenom-vibe. There are a number of organizations Nu Soul has affiliations with in the Tampa - Orlando area. During this period, Nu Soul has produced two Compact Discs, Live Again and Nu Soul Live Outakes, available upon request.

2000 - 2002 The Fox Jazz Club and Le Bordeaux are taking advantage of the groups' diversity... Nu Soul is making a professional, reliable package to be counted on...

2002 - 2005 The Oakroom, in Tampa's northwest corner has endorsed Mr. Cooper exclusively for this venue ... Wednesday thru Saturdays with benefits .... after a 18 month deviation ....
February 2005, Ed - E is invited to do a tour of duty with our armed forces overseas. Stops being Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Africa.(pictures available; joke)

2007 - 2010 Return to The Oakroom ..... same commitment to quality work... a blessing indeed... Wednesday thru Saturdays exclusively for the establishment and the many many people that visited .. becoming one of the first suggestions one would make for entertainment for miles around....

2011 - 2015 We have been honored to be included in the need to see entertainment community .... including The Donatello, That's Amore' and others..
Seasons 52 Restaurant Tampa for the last three years has been our mid week stop...

C. Ed - E Cooper and Nu Soul Company, Inc. are passionate about the state of life and well being of people of this world as we know it....
Live to Love and Learn to Pray.......