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nu soul music entertainment: News

springs' spring.... Harbour Island

Feeling good ,,,, happy, like a room without a roof! Let's give beautiful Harbour Island a go this spring.... I will be showing the wares at this venue all of May 2015..... 8pm start .... I can not stay away from this place... the view is unmatched of the Tampa Downtown .... Come and see what I'm getting at...

That's Amore Restraunt in May 2015

blue note - March 22, 2018

chek the facebook tour of calalloo st Petersburg ... entertainment venue... I'm hittin with the band on the grand opening April 7 .... and this Saturday nite at Calalloo .... BOOM

get at it - February 9, 2015

getting in where I fit in,,,,

thanks to my I Tee' guy, Deek for pushin thru the project recording.... Stay tuned this will be a Nu Year....



nu cold - April 1, 2013

Am I trading symptoms with my school child or the different places we have invaded performing ..... I have a cold again ... man tis' the season . Let's all wash and anti-bacterialize our hands and feet .... See you around .... Enjoy the Band ....

where's the ball - July 22, 2011

Football players are seemingly are not happy with this Collective Bargaining Agreement. That is , "how are we all gonna get this money we are generating, fairly"..... A lot of guys are just getting informed to the real deal of there scenario and future..... Get the kids outside and pass the ball around....enjoy yourself

happy birthdate aaliyah - January 21, 2011

More people we are going to see come and go.... Be attentive with persons you care or are involved with.... the reward is unsurmountable..... is unsurmountable a word?

roger waters show - November 18, 2010

pink floyd.... the wall is alive....

Man much love to the ticket folks out and about Tampa Town....

I would have never seen that show,,,, it was Amazing.....

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